Thursday, December 22, 2011

Something big is happening here...

Well, with the recent discussion of what types of posts my readers would enjoy the most, I've come to another more important decision.

I am finally taking the big leap, and merging my two blogs back together.

For those who don't know, both this blog, and my other blog were once the same. I posted business, repairs, and reviews, all in one place. This got a tad confusing, so it was split three ways:

  1. All business was finally moved to a "real" website. That helped a lot. :)
  2. Repairs were moved to this site.
  3. My reviews and articles were moved to a new blog, with a different name.
But now I am merging 2 and 3 back together. Reasons for this are as follows (but not limited to):

  • Easier for my readers. It's just simpler to have one blog in your RSS reader (or whatever you use) instead of two different ones.
  • Prevents cross posting and comments. It's a bit awkward for both me, and some of my commenter's, when the same thing is posted on both blogs.
  • Easier for me to manage. Well, the easier it is for me to post - the greater quality of posts I'll be able to produce. Eliminating the second blog will give me more time to put into better posts.
Now don't take this the wrong way - You will not lose the repair side of my blogging. I will still be posting repair tips as much as usual, but on the same blog as my normal posts. The blog "of choice" will be

This site will contain all my new posts, and this blog will basically fall to disuse. :)

I'll keep posting here, just to urge people to transfer over before it's deleted.

So that's it guys! With that move, I'll be implementing a new "loose" blogging schedule - mostly longer more detailed posts, but with some good short ones thrown in for easy reading. I'll be posting randomly, whenever inspiration hits. :)

Oh yea - Merry Christmas everybody!

Tyler Dahl

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