Friday, December 9, 2011

How to: Getting a Snorkel sac unstuck...

My internet was down this morning, so that's why I'm late. One of the downfalls of satellite over dial-up. It's still 1000x better than dial-up though... :) On with the article!

If you've restored a few Sheaffer Snorkels, chances are you've seen this sight: The metal sac protector, with the old sac glued into it. You've tried scraping it, and maybe you've tried other things like drilling it out. Whatever you do, you can't get it out!

Lucky for you, I have finally found a method that is practically fool proof for removing those "glued" sacs!

It's worked every time for me, so I hopefully it will for you too. :)

The secret ingredient is:

This "PB blaster" stuff can be purchased from most Lowes or Home Depot hardware stores. Some local hardware stores might even carry it. Wherever you can find it, you need to get a hold of some. It's the true secret ingredient, and the whole method relies on this.

This spray stuff is like a super silicone spray. It is made for working on cars. It will actually break down rust, so that stiff bolts can be loosened. It's important to note however, that this should not be used for any plastics! It will melt them fast! Use only on metal, which is what is was made for.

Oh yea, one more reason to buy PB blaster:

Can't argue with that (well, I could)... ;)

Now, how I use it. Very simple:

Just put some in a cup, drop the sac protector in there, and let it sight for 24-48 hours. In that time, the sac will become soft, and less "glued" to the to the metal. Try every 24 hours to scrape the sac out. If it doesn't come out, drop it back into the cup, and let it go for another 24 before trying again. Repeat until the sac comes out 100%!

It will not harm the metal, no matter how long it's in there, so don't be afraid to soak for a week in necessary (I've never had to wait that long).

I hope this will be able to help someone who is stuck as I? sued to be, puzzling over how to get that bloody Snorkel Sac unstuck. :)

Happy holidays everybody!

Tyler Dahl

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