Saturday, November 26, 2011

Workshop renovations!

Well, some pretty exciting news for me! I finally got my little workshop renovated!

This has been long in coming, but it's finally done now, and I'm really happy. Of course, as they say "pictures or it didn't happen". :)

Before pictures are really bad quality - I shot them "on-the-go" with my iPod Touch camera, and well, it's just not that great...

The after pictures look a lot better though (taken with my normal camera)!

Showing the unpainted walls of my workshop.

These stains are actually little bug nests, made of mud. Before I moved into this workshop, it had been left open to the elements. Nasty...

There's one that hasn't been scraped off yet.

We had to rip the door frame off, because it was completely rotted.

Here's my new-ish desk. It's a monster of a piece of furniture! About twice as deep as a normal desk. It's pretty rough though. A bargain find for only $45.00, it needs some TLC.

Now here is an important piece of my history. See that little red toolbox down there?

This was my original repair workshop, from last year! That's it - all my tools and supplies in one tiny red toolbox. I've come a long way since then. 


After Pictures!

This is the old door, but fitted to a new frame. Much more solid, and much better sealed against the weather.

Here's my desk, all moved in, and cluttered up too. :) As you can see, the walls are actually white now!

This is one of three windows that we've finally replaced. The others are just covered in plastic for now. It's really nice to have some natural light in here again.

here is my humble little packaging setup. I will expand this eventually, but for now, It's enough. Sort of. ;)

My trash can, as well as my bag of packing peanuts.

From left to right: My ultra-sonic cleaner (the little silver box, not the big blue tank!), my customers pens, all organized in a plastic rubbermaid with separate bags, and a small space-heater, to keep things warm in winter. The building heats very easily, which is good.

So there you go! Sort of a mini tour of my workshop. I am very happy about this, as it will allow me to get a lot more work done in a much more convenient manner. We also moved out some stuff from the shop, to make more room. Much nicer indeed. :)

I hope you all enjoyed. Have a great weekend everyone!

Tyler Dahl

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