Friday, November 25, 2011

The ugly vacling

I wanted to share this success of mine. Nothing major here, but a pen that has been brought back to life again is always something to rejoice over. :)

I just want folks to know that there is hope for any pen! Even if it looks really bad. Let's get on with it:

It's not often that I nickname a clients pen. However, this is one case where I just had to. The name simply came to me, and you'll see why in a minute here.

I present to you: The Ugly Vacling.

Here he is. Not to bad, that is, until we take a closer look...

No, that's not silver trim. It's actually supposed to be gold! When I saw the cap-ring, I thought, "No way, there can't be gold trim under there!".

To really crown this ugly vacling, it needed a special nib.

Oh yes, mangled!

Twisted, bent, and kinked.

Probably took a nose-dive in the pond, and hit rock bottom. :)

So, what to do with such an ugly pen!? Well, the obvious choice - restore it. After an hour or so of hard work, some sweat, and a few intense moments, we are now presented with a much different sight.

What I see here is a swan, that once was an ugly vacling. :)

The beauty of sparkling gold trim is once again seen!

Lucky for me and the client, there was little-to-no corrosion of the metal furniture - just tons and tons of dirt.

And how about hat nib?

I would say that it's looking much better now.

There you go! It's always a sweet thing to see a hopeless pen become a great daily writer for someone. This client is currently enjoying his renovated Vacumatic, and I think the Vac is enjoying it too. :)

Have a good one folks, and remember, no pen is beyond saving, so long as there is a pen left to work on!

Tyler Dahl

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