Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Osmia Piston Part 2

So hopefully all saw that Osmia on Monday, with the sewing thread wrapped around it. :)

Today I will show the new retaining pin that I made for the piston knob. I haven't done this to many times before, so it was a fun but quick little challenge.

For those who enjoy the details: The rod I used to make this retaining pin is actually an old Sheaffer Vac-Fill piston rod, ground down to size. I used a high-speed rotary tool turn this down to size. Wish I had a lathe...

The goal here is to use that steel rod to attach the small plastic cap (to the right), to that tiny metal knob on the piston.

First we've got to fit them together and line up the holes.

Then we've got to grind the rod down to the right diameter.

Lastly, it must be trimmed to a good length using a rotary tool. And we're done!

Really not to hard to do actually. It was a fun little project, though with a lathe I probably could have gotten better results. Still, it's good enough to look decent, and hold the knob on just fine. :)

Makes me wonder - How did the original retaining pin fall out? Perhaps it was knocked out and lost by a previous restorer. Or maybe it actually just fell out. It'd be really cool to have the entire history of a vintage pen such as this one, written down and archived.

Well folks, tomorrow's the first day of December - Happy holidays for all! I'll have some website updates to post tomorrow, as a "bonus post". Or something like it. :) 

This next month will be a great time to buy some FP's, perhaps as gifts for a fellow user. I have some really awesome ones for sale, which I'll be putting up tomorrow for my monthly tray. Until then, they shall remain a secret. :)

Tyler Dahl

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