Thursday, October 6, 2011

Two interesting Esterbrook jewel jobs...

Well, this was another one of those fun repairs, the really unconventional ones.

In comes this beautiful Red Esterbrook J, in really good clean condition. But there was something rather wrong with the jewels - both the top and bottom one. Apparently, someone before me, and before the current owner, had attempted a very interesting "jewel-job" on these.

From what I could gather, this person was trying to create a "three-ribbed" jewel, the kind found on transitional J's. The problem: Well, a proper three ribbed jewel has three out-dented ribs in it, basically, more plastic than a normal J jewel. What happened to this jewel:

Someone tried to GRIND two slits in the top of it! Yikes it right... It was not a pretty sight. I think the idea to re-create a 3-ribbed jewel is not a bad one, but that was not the right way to go about it. Especially because this pen is in exceptional cosmetic condition, minus the jewel-gouges of course...

If you can't see this clearly ( my camera is really bad), you'll want to click on this picture, and it will open up in "super-size" mode.

There are two parallel gouges running across the face of the top-jewel.

And on the bottom - two gouges that are even deeper.

Well, I really had to do some brainstorming to think of a way to save these. I always try to save/fix Esterbrook jewels, as there are not that many of the out there. Eventually we will run out of replacements...

After much though, I decided on filling in the gouges with a hard epoxy compound, colored black. After filling them, letting them sit overnight, and then some intense hand-polishing with a micro-mesh buffer, here's what we got!

Top jewel. Yes, that is the same jewel as above! Looks pretty nice, huh!?

Bottom jewel. Not a nick on it. :)

I was extremely pleased with how well these turned out,, and the fact that I now have a way to repair slightly damaged Esterbrook jewels.

The client was very pleased with the job,

"Hey Tyler ...

Got the pen today, it looks incredible. I'll be inking it up tonight and
I'll let you know what I think. Thanks for a great job!"

- Jeff A.
Overall I must say I really enjoyed this job, and I hope to do more like it in the future. It was a really nice Esterbrook, and it deserved to have good cosmetics. Now it's ready to be used by the new owner, fr years to come!

I hope you will drop me a comment and let me know what you think of this repair. Don't be shy - I won't bite, I promise. :)

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Tyler Dahl

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